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Sfinx-xdg ; configuration utilituy for XDG basedir standards

A lot of programs are using the Freedesktop XDG basedir setup, which puts configuration files in .config, cache in .cache and various data files of the application in .local
However, the data and cache parts can become quite big, causing two problems: quota usage on the home disk, and performance loss (since the home disk is remote, and this can cause lots of read and write access). Now the XDG standard provides a mechanism to move those files to another location, and we suggest users move them to one of their local data disks.

Default setup is to have the cache local, in /data1/$USERNAME/xdg/cache. This can be changed in configuration file ~/.sfinx-xdgrc. There you can also set flags to indicate if application data should be relocated as well, or disable the relocation of the cache (but really, there is no good reason to do that).

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