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 +====== Rebooting a Linux system ======
 +Rebooting is NOT a default action. But it may be necessary at times, eg when updates have been installed, or when something becomes completely stuck.
 +Our setup is such, that a user with physical access to the computer, can reboot it without needing sudo or other special powers. From the login screen, and from most desktop environments,​ it is possible to select an option to reboot (sometimes labeled ''​restart''​). also, it is possible to switch out of the graphical console using Control-Alt-F2,​ and then start the reboot using Control-Alt-Delete.
 +====== Shutdown ======
 +Yes, it is also possible to shut down a system. Please don't, under normal circumstances. It makes system management a lot harder. it also means that updates cannot be installed at night, so they need to be installed during the next working day, interfering with your work.
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