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 +====== Python ======
 +Python has become the programming language of choice in many scientific fields. We try to offer all relevant modules and utilities that are of general use.
 +===== Interactive =====
 +All the usual interactive python interpreters are available: python (python2 and python3), ipython (2 and 3) with its QTconsole, notebook and pysh interfaces.
 +===== Programming =====
 +For bigger programming tasks, we offer a couple of integrated development environments (IDEs):
 +  * IDLE, which is part of the basic python libraries. At the moment, ''​idle''​ starts the python 2.x version, and ''​idle3''​ is the python 3.x version. This may change in the future.
 +  * [[Spyder]]
 +  * Eric6
 +===== See also =====
 +See also [[:Working with Python]]
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