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 +====== PDF tools ======
 +===== Viewers =====
 +As PDF viewers, we offer [[http://​|Adobe Reader]], [[http://​​evince/​|Evince]],​ [[http://​|Atril document viewer]] and [[https://​​projects/​kde/​kdegraphics/​okular|okular]]. There is also [[https://​​qpdfview|qpdfview]].\\
 +Although Adobe Reader is the official viewer for the format, it is not always the best, especially since Linux development is almost non-existent at Adobe these days, and the version is falling behind its Windows and Mac OS counterparts.\\
 +The free viewers work best with the desktop environment for which they were made: ''​okular''​ for KDE, ''​evince''​ for Gnome, and''​atril''​ for Mate and Cinnamon (and probably a good default for other desktops as well). But feel free to use whatever tool you like best.
 +===== Creating PDF files =====
 +Many programs have a way to export a document as PDF file. In addition, the standard print dialog has an option to ''​print to file'',​ which creates PDF or PostScript files.
 +For TeX and LaTeX, there are separate processors ''​pdftex''​ and ''​pdflatex''​ which produce PDF directly (but they require figures to be in PDF format as well), or ''​dvipdf''​ to convert a DVI file to PDF.
 +===== Tools to modify PDF files =====
 +  * [[http://​​projects/​pdfedit/​|pdfedit]] - Editor for PDF files
 +  * [[http://​​projects/​pdfshuffler/​|pdfshuffler]] - Application for PDF Merging, Rearranging,​ and Splitting
 +  * [[http://​​|Poppler utils]] - Converters and other utilities: pdfdetach to extract internal attachments from the pdf file; pdfimages to extract images; pdfseparate to convert to separate pages; pdftops, pdftohtml, pdftotext converters.
 +  * pdfposter: convert a pdf file to multiple pages, to be glued together as a big poster
 +Note: ''​pdftk''​ is no longer working on current versions of Linux. For the moment, it is still available on a few RedHat 6 machines.
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