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   systemctl --user disable --now evolution-addressbook-factory   systemctl --user disable --now evolution-addressbook-factory
 +===== ClipIt clipboard manager =====
 +The ClipIt tool provides a history of cut and paste actions. Very useful... If it works. And unfortunately, it often doesn't work (mostly related to damaged history files, or insufficient disk quota at some point).
 +So, it you don't require the feature, or if it simply blocks any cut & paste action in your session, just exit the program or remove it from your session startup applications.
 +  - Exit the program: find the ClipIt icon in the system tray. It looks like a clipboard with a document next to it. \n Right-click on the icon and choose "quit"
 +  - If the icon is not there, try the command: 'pkill clipit'
 +  - To permanently remove it from your session, go to the system settings in the main desktop menu, choose "startup application" and move the clider next to "ClipIt"
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