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ipyparallel on maris

This quick tutorial will help you with the setup of your first ipyparallel session on maris' jupyterhub.

Python environments

You can either use maris-jupyterhub' python environment and all the packages therein or

create a custom python environment as the simple session below shows

export PATH=/marisdata/MARISHUB/bin:${PATH}
conda create --name=<name>
source activate <name>
conda install ipyparallel
conda install <all-packages-you-might-need>

Create an ipython parallel profile

To create an ipython parallel* profile type

export PATH=/marisdata/MARISHUB/bin:${PATH}
ipython profile create --parallel --profile=<profile-name>

the session above will create <profile-name> in ${HOME}/.ipython.

To save profiles in alternative locations set the environment variable IPYTHONDIR.

Adjust created ipython parallel profiles

mkdir "/marisdata/$USER/.log"
cp  /marisdata/EXAMPLE_FILES/ "${HOME}/.ipython/profile_<profile-name>"
cp /marisdata/EXAMPLE_FILES/ "${HOME}/.ipython/profile_<profile-name>"
cp /marisdata/EXAMPLE_FILES/ipp_tutorial.ipynb "${HOME}/ipp_tutorial.ipynb"

Start the parallel profile

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