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Lorentz Institute Email

Upon registration of your account in your offices your Institute Lorentz email account will become active. Your email address will have the form <username> and can be accessed via a webmail service and/or though your favourite email client.


Open a browser and visit

Email Clients

In order to access your Lorentz Institute email folders via your favourite email client you must configure it with incoming server

Incoming server: (IMAP port 993, connection security: TLS)

and outgoing server

Outgoing server: (SMTP port 465 or 587, STARTTLS security) 

Pine/Alpine configuration example

personal-name=Bingo Bongo

Mozilla Thunderbird

Please follow the instructions here. Note that there is a typo in the SMTP settings. It should read

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding can be achieved by modifying .procmailrc in your home directory.

If you want a copy of your mail forwarded to another address, add: :0 c !

If you want your mail forwarded to another address, without keeping a local (on our servers) copy add this: :0 !

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