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 ==== Mozilla Thunderbird ==== ==== Mozilla Thunderbird ====
 Please follow the instructions [[:​mozilla_thunderbird|here]]. Note that there is a typo in the SMTP settings. It should read ''​''​. Please follow the instructions [[:​mozilla_thunderbird|here]]. Note that there is a typo in the SMTP settings. It should read ''​''​.
 +===== Email Forwarding =====
 +Email forwarding can be achieved by modifying ''​.procmailrc''​ in your home directory.
 +If you want a copy of your mail forwarded to another address, add
 +:0 c
 +If you want your mail forwarded to another address, without keeping a local (on our servers) copy
 +add this
 +===== Spam =====
 +The Lorentz Institute email server scans emails for viruses and spam. Nonetheless,​ it is possible that a few unwanted emails slip through our security mesh. Should the problem become unbearable (e.g. your inbox is filled with tens of unwanted emails), please do not hesitate to contact the [[https://​​|helpdesk]].
 +TIP: Please collect all wanted and unwanted e-mails in ''​ad hoc''​ folders. This will help the system administrators `train'​ the anti-spam software to generate better spam tags.
 +As of April 2016, all emails received by the Lorentz Institute servers will have SPAM header tags. This can be of help in determining why a particular email was not tagged as spam and can help devise better filtering rules.
 +===== Miscellaneous =====
 +To email all Lorentz Institute members use the alias ''​institute''​.
 +To email the procurement office use ''​bestellingen''​.
 +Should you want to email all maris cluster users, please us the alias ''​maris-users''​.
 +To contact the helpdesk it is preferable to use our web [[https://​​|application]].
 +Note: Append to any alias above. ​
 +==== Helpdesk ====
 +Computer support is generally available during working hours with the exception of emergency situations. ​
 +All Lorentz Institute users are encouraged to use the [[https://​​|helpdesk]] to request help rather than emailing ''​support''​. The reason why is simple. Our helpdesk application maintains a database of all present and past issues which greatly helps solving problems in the quickest way as possible. Moreover, while emails addressed to ''​support'' ​ are only read by a limited number of people, helpdesk tickets reach ALL computer workers in the Leiden University Observatory (STRW), Lorentz Institute (IL) and Leiden Institute of Physics (LION). This means that your issue can be resolved even though the IT personnel of your department ​ is on vacation.
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