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Two-Factor Authentication at the Lorentz Institute

:!: 2FA will be mandated for all IL accounts on Monday 19 April 2021.


2FA is currently under Test. A timeline for testing and production implementations is given below.

If you want to take part in the tests or you would like to turn 2FA on before April 19, please do not hesitate to contact

Color Codes
2FA: Lorentz Institute Year 2021
Phase 1-15 March16-31 March1-15 April16-30 April
Test Phase I
Test Phase II
Test Phase III
Test Phase I Limited Number Users
2FA setup
2FA-enabled web logins
Documentation improvements
Test Phase II Limited Number Users
2FA-enabled SSH logins
Documentation improvements
Test Phase III Limited Number Users
Simulation of 2FA-secret key loss
2FA resets
Documentation improvements
Production All IL Users
2FA mandatory on all SSO Web Services
2FA mandatory for all password-protected SSH logins


:!: Before proceeding, make sure your private email address is in our database

:!: Beware of phishing emails. The Lorentz Institute will never send you emails containing links where you are required to insert/disclose your credentials.

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