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Two-Factor Authentication at the Lorentz Institute


2FA is currently under Test. A timeline for testing and production implementations is given below.

If you want to take part in the tests, please do not hesitate to contact

Color Codes
2FA: Lorentz Institute Year 2021
Phase 1-15 March16-31 March1-15 April16-30 April
Test Phase I
Test Phase II
Test Phase III
Test Phase I Limited Number Users
2FA setup
2FA-enabled web logins
Documentation improvements
Test Phase II Limited Number Users
2FA-enabled SSH logins
Documentation improvements
Test Phase III Limited Number Users
Simulation of 2FA-secret key loss
2FA resets
Documentation improvements
Production All IL Users
2FA mandatory on all SSO Web Services
2FA mandatory for all password-protected SSH logins


:!: Before proceeding, make sure your private email address is in our database

:!: Beware of phishing emails. The Lorentz Institute will never send you emails containing links where you are required to insert/disclose your credentials.

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