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 ====== Matlab ====== ====== Matlab ======
 +The Leiden University has purchased a Campus-Wide License for Matlab. As a result, all employees and students of the university can obtain a license to use Matlab.
 +The installation guide to install Matlab on your own device can be found [[|here]]. The software can be downloaded from [[|this portal]].
 +To download Matlab, you need an account with MathWorks. The account can be created and set up [[|on this page]]. Please note that you have to register using your **university ULCN email address** (**NOT** your STRW address): ''<ULCN username>''. Once you have created an account and verified your email address, you can download the Product Installer appropriate for your operating system. Run the installer and follow the guide lines in the [[|manual]].
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