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AIPS at Sterrewacht Leiden

The introduction course to astronomical software contains a chapter on AIPS

Special notes

Our installation usually has the current development version of aips (31DECyy with yy the last two digets of the current year) as TST version, the stabel release (last year's version) as NEW and the version from before that time as OLD.

AIPS can be started by running the command aips. There is a small deviation from a standard AIPS setup here:

  • If environment variable $FITS is set, its value is preserved, in stead of pointing to a location in $AIPS_ROOT which should then be writable by all users.
  • All computers have a local directory /data1/DA00 and the variable $DA00 is made to point there.

So please be aware that if you bypass our startup script to call STARTAIPS.SH directly, you will loose this setup, and all tasks will run very slow, because all DA00 files will live on a disk on a central server.

Users should also have a file .dadevs listing their personal data areas. We have a script called aipsdisk-setup that can create such a file, by default using all local disks.

See also

See also: for more general information on the AIPS software.

In addition to the main AIPS software, we also offer ParselTongue

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